ComBioTES public deliverable about Energy Management System is on air!

One of ComBioTES` objectives is to develop a modular-based intelligent optimal energy management system (EMS) algorithm based on a data-driven approach, with each module carrying out certain functions, e.g., control, communication, data management, modelling, forecast and optimal decision-making.

The developed algorithm will optimally manage and control the energy flows of the compact thermal energy storage, to meet a number of operational objectives simultaneously, e.g. meeting end users‘ comfort requirement, operating the system at minimum cost and using its flexible storage capacity to provide various electricity grid operation needs, like peak load reduction, reducing renewable energy curtailment and grid balancing.

DTU wrote a public deliverable containing explanation and requirements of the EMS architecture, each module and specification of modular interfaces, in order to guide the EMS development and implementation. An MPC-based control architecture is also presented, as an illustration of the minimum requirement.

Download the deliverable here!