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The ComBioTES solution, composed by two inter-connected thermal energy storage devices, allows to take advantage of the high volumetric energy density of the latent TES (≥ 100 kWh/m3) using bio-based PCM, while having the capacity to answer instantly to the heating or hot tap water demands, thanks to the sensible TES.

ComBioTES thermal energy storage solution for buildings is based on a smart and switchable association of two compact thermal energy storages composed of:

  • A first compact latent thermal energy storage, using high performances bio-based PCM to store energy for space heating and hot tap water will reach:
    • The volumetric energy density of the system > 100 kWh/m3
    • The thermal input > 5 kW
    • The thermal output > 15 kW
    • The possibility to control the overcooling state of the bio-based PCM
    • The possibility to trigger the crystallization of the bio-based upon request thanks to a specific device.
    • The possibility to control crystallization rate of the bio-based PCM
  • A second compact and switchable thermal energy storage, which is able to store hot tap water during
    winter for instant use or ice during summer for free cooling
  • High performances bio-based Phase Change Materials (PCM) :
    • Polyols – bio based materials: volumetric energy density will be beyond 120 kWh/m3 for ΔT=50°C
    • Ice from frozen tap water: volumetric energy density will be ≈100 kWh/m3 for ΔT=15°C
  • Thermal Management system able to manage and control the energy flows (i.e. heat and electricity) of the compact thermal energy storage developed in order to meet a number of operational objectives simultaneously.