The ComBioTES Consortium is a multi-disciplinary group of partners from 7 countries of the European Union and outside the Union, forming an ideal and well-balanced team to succeed in the proposed challenges and covering all critical elements of the whole value chain. The partners are organisations (large and small companies, research institutions and university) offering the complete set of interdisciplinary skills required by the project.

Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (France)

Acronym in the project: CEA

Primary contact: Arnaud Bruch

CEA (France’s Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) and a full member of EARTO. It aims to produce, integrate and transfer science and technology to help resolve the main EU challenges (low carbon energies, defense and security, information and healthcare technologies) and to exploit opportunities for new wealth creation, improved standards of living, and economic competitiveness.


Acronym in the project: ROQUETTE

Primary contact: Baptiste Boit

Roquette is a global leader in plant-based ingredients, one of the world’s five leading starch manufacturing groups, with a world leadership in polyols, in injectable carbohydrates, pioneering the development of vegetal proteins and new soluble fibers. Roquette processes maize, wheat, potatoes, peas and microalgae, all plant-based raw materials.


Acronym in the project: HMH

Primary contact: Fabian Hoppe

HM Heating is a manufacturer of steel panel radiators. Approximately 500.000 radiators produced yearly and
international activities and affiliated enterprises in Europe and China makes HMH one of the leading producers of the sector. In 2009 HM Heating started with the research on latent storage systems based on Sodium. HM Heating has today 140 employees in Germany.


Acronym in the project: DTU

Primary contact: Shi You

Founded in 1829 with the mission of creating value for the benefit of society, DTU is an international elite technical university where education, scientific advice, and innovation rest on a solid foundation of world-class research. The University is at the academic and multidisciplinary forefront of the technical and the natural sciences—with new initiatives in a number of demanding engineering disciplines, including electrical engineering, civil engineering, etc.


Acronym in the project: IEO

Primary contact: Grzegorz Wiśniewski

The Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO) was established in 2001. It is an independent research group, and the first private research centre in Poland with a deep knowledge of the renewable energy issues: wind energy, solar energy, biogas, biomass, energy planning, ranging from politics energy and law, economic and financial analysis, and ending with the technical issues and design. IEO as a first institution in Poland, conducts research in use of renewable energy sources and seasonal heat storage in district heating companies in Poland.


Acronym in the project: TVS

Primary contact: Azizur RAhman

Technovative Solutions’ core research programme includes assessment of environmental, social and economic
impacts for different energy intensive industries and power and energy production technologies. TVS assessed sensitivity of different techno-economic parameters on the levelized cost of energy (LCOE). TVS also has performed cradle to grave Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Life cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) for different thermal storage systems.


Acronym in the project: VOLTALIS

Primary contact: Benjamin Bailly

Voltalis has developed and operates a unique technology based on Big Data to steer electric systems through demand. This solution aims to connect on-site flexible devices and to operate micro shedding, resulting in energy savings when the grid needs it without any impact on the comfort of the house. Aggregation of such shedding allows to reduce in real time and very precisely the global electric load. It offers a very flexible solution to the electric system that avoids using thermal power plants and saturated grids.


Acronym in the project: IEE-CAS

Primary contact: Yuan Guofeng

The Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEE) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a national research institution oriented to the development of electrical science and energy research. So far, IEE has carried out a series of fruitful studies in the fields of renewable energy power generation, multi-energy complementary micro-grid and grid connection, power electronics and efficient energy transformation, etc.

AMIRES SRO (Czech Republic)

Acronym in the project: AMIRES

Primary contact: Eleonora Alamaro

AMIRES is a consulting and management company for research, development and innovation projects, which provides the necessary strategic and administrative support to high quality international teams to achieve their objectives and facilitates the research-industrial and research-policy making interface. AMIRES follows projects from their initiation and planning, through negotiation, execution and management to the final stage, where exploitation of new technologies, products or services is facilitated.